A brief overview

The environmental institute ARENA (Agency for Research in the Environment's and Nature's Affairs) operates as a worldwide network of institutions and specialized individuals: natural, social and cultural scientists, geoscientists and engineers. Through scientific research and ecological studies, this institute is working towards the realisation of an environmentally sound, sustainable, cyclical economy.
The head office in Tuebingen offers a wide range of services including ecologically oriented management, product design, environmental planning and consulting for enterprises, communities, and administrative districts.
The main focus of this office has been on waste management and reduction. Projects have ranged from investigation and analysis of waste disposal sites and incinerators with regard to their effect on the environment and human health as to the calculation of garbage fees. Other important subjects are garbage analysis, the development of ecologically oriented cyclical economies and waste-reduction concepts. Instead of end-of-pipe-technologies such as incineration plants and garbage disposal sites, ARENA proposes transition-technologies for a more responsible waste management, and for minimized cyclical material streams to encourage waste reduction. Intelligent product-systems and a network of second hand centers (so called SHaRe-Centres) are encouraged by the Institute.
In order to help our customers make responsible and economical decisions we produce proposals and expert opinions which include savings calculations and a description of how each project can be realized.